Advanced Insights: A Team of Organizational Development Experts

Rhonda Weeks, Partner, founded Advanced Insights in 2006 after almost 20 years of consulting in the Human Resource industry and focusing on candidate selection, assessment and organizational development.

In 2012, Advanced Insights added two new partners, Dr. Gary Kustis and Sharon Nigro, to the firm as a way to address the growth of the company, as well as being able to add diversity to its offerings. Gary brings his experience from the world of industrial-organizational psychology and twenty years of working as a consultant to large and small companies. Sharon, the owner

of AssessCentral.com, a premier 360-degree feedback system, brings her expertise and systems background to the firm. AssessCentral.com is now a part of Advanced Insights.

Advanced Insights is known for partnering with its clients to gain a clear understanding of each company's unique culture, then customizing an approach to selection, assessment, training and development to meet the needs of the customer. Any company can offer an "off the shelf" approach, but Advanced Insights believes in providing custom solutions for the highest rate of return on investment.

Obtain Results

Once the team is in place, on-going assessment, development and two-way communication are essential to the continued growth of any organization. Advanced Insights believes in the power of employee viewpoints. Therefore, customized survey questions and individualized action plans that respond to the survey results are a key service provided. Asking the right question in the right manner provides valuable insights into the heart and soul of a company: its people. Follow-up and response to the feedback goes hand-in-hand with asking the questions. Advanced Insights provides the tools necessary to respond to the survey results, as opposed to "crunching the numbers" only. Advanced Insights partners with their clients to think through the implications of the assessment and determine the best course of action.

Rhonda Weeks

Rhonda earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Masters degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources from Cleveland State University. She has co-authored an executive seminar on Emotional Intelligence, designs custom training programs for specific individual and team development, and has completed extensive research on the impact of employee attitudes on business profitability.


Beyond her focus on enhancing individual and business performance through research, training and development, much of Rhonda's time is spent evaluating individuals for selection or promotion in a variety of organizations and industries. Through a combination of one-on-one structured interviews and assessment tools, from personality testing, to critical thinking assessments and tests of situational judgment, she assists clients in making solid selection decisions and in helping them get a "head start" in managing people in a new role. Additionally, her focus on talent assessment goes beyond matching individuals to roles and companies, as she also conducts larger scale management team audits to help organizations make acquisition decisions during the due diligence process. She and her team bring their broad range of knowledge and experience to each company with whom they work.

Sharon Nigro

Sharon Nigro is the Project Manager for AssessCentral, our online 360-degree feedback/employee opinion survey system. Established in 1998, Sharon helped build this revolutionary system and has since been the key person responsible for it. Sharon has worked with a variety of Fortune 500 clients in assessing their needs and helping determine the best approach to gathering data on their employees.


Together with other members of the Advanced Insights team, she provides ongoing consultation around survey and instrument design, delivery and process improvements. Sharon continues to be the source of continuous improvement, creating new and different innovations like the "pulse 360" where follow-up questionnaires are sent to past 360 participants that focus on just those competencies an individual has selected for development.

Gary Kustis, Ph.D.

For more than fifteen years, Gary Kustis, Ph.D. has worked as a management consultant helping large and small organizations by evaluating individuals for hire or promotion into critical jobs, giving feedback to key stakeholders about employee performance, and providing coaching and development services to those who need it. In addition, he has considerable experience creating and validating large-scale selection systems.


Gary has worked on a variety of different projects for organizations that include helping private equity firms to complete due diligence audits of management teams of companies being considered for acquisition, developing and administering employee opinion surveys, putting together 360-degree feedback instruments for company-wide development initiatives, and providing unique training experiences on subjects like emotional intelligence. Further, many companies rely on his expertise to help manage team building and conflict management.


Gary holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Consumer and Industrial Psychology from Cleveland State University. Gary earned his Ph.D. in Business (Micro-Organizational Theory and Personnel, with a Minor in Statistics) from Kent State University, where he held a Teaching Fellowship in the College of Business Administration.


He is a Member of the Academy of Management, the American Psychological Association, the Association for Psychological Science, and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP).